Swimming Lessons

Group Swim Lesson Schedule:

Session 1: Apr. 18th-May13th

Session 2: May 23rd-June 17th

Session 3: June 20th-July 15th

Session 4: July 18th-Aug. 12th

6 months to 3 years                           $45/$65

Designed for children and parents together.   Class will allow child to adjust to the water and is a great tool for parents to connect with other parents in our community.

3 to 5 years old                                 $45/$65

Pike “Beginners”  
For children who are new to the water with little or no swimming experience, and they are uncomfortable going under water. Learn skills in going under water, floating, kicking, paddling, and retrieving items from underwear. 

Eel  “Intermediate”
For children who are not afraid to go underwater. These children should have some swimming experience and are comfortable lying on their front and back in the water with their ears submerged. This level will teach skills in freestyle and backstroke arm motions. This level will build on doing the skills learned in the Pike class, with more independence and less help from the instructor. 

6 to 12 years old                                 $45/$65

Polliwog  “Beginner”(School aged children) 

For older children who are new to water and may be uncomfortable going under water. Basic swimming skills taught: floating, retrieving objects, kicking, arm motions, and breath control. 

Minnow  “Intermediate”(School aged children) 

Children must pass the exit skills from the previous level or be able to do some front crawl (freestyle), and back crawl/elementary backstroke for a distance of 3 body lengths. This level will refine previous skills and teach new skills in breaststroke kick, treading water, and breath control in front crawl.

Guppy “Advanced”(School aged children) 

Children must pass the exit skills in previous level or able to swim backstroke or freestyle across the length of the warm-water pool. This level will refine previous skills and will introduce new skills in breaststroke, butterfly, and diving. 

Pre-Piranha  “Advanced”(School aged children)
This is the level before entering into the TYP Piranha Swim Team! Child has an understanding of all strokes, has breath control, and is looking to fine tone stroke performance. Child does not have to join swim team, this level will include skills on using the pace clock and building endurance. 

Ages 13 and up                           $45/$65

This class is geared to those who have always wanted to learn how to swim, or felt they needed a little help along the way.

This class is also capable of fine tuning your skills for any one looking to compete in a Trialthlon, Bluegrass state games, or Open Water Swimming competition.

Private swim lessons – Dates and times are chosen based on instructor AND participant availability. Referral to a YMCA certified instructor will be made AFTER payment and registration is done at the front desk.  


Single Session – $35       4 Sessions –  $140         8 Sessions – $260


Single Session – $45       4 Sessions – $175          8 Sessions – $300

**All make up classes will occur on Fridays the same week class is missed, unless indicated otherwise by your swim instructor. Swim lessons are subject to cancellation or delay due to inclement weather or federal holidays. Be awarem classes are subject to cancellation or consolidation due to insuffient enrollment as well.


For any questions, further information or for days/times of Swim Lessons please call the Front Desk at (859) 623-9356.

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