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child watch hours

For parents who are using the Y facilities, the Y provides childwatch for children from newborn to age six.  This service is offered free for children of Y members.

  • Children may only be left when parent is in the Y or participating in a Y program.
  • Please no food or drinks except baby bottles. .
  • Please do not bring your child to the childwatch if he/she is sick or contagious.
  • No one is permitted in the childwatch except baby-sitters and parents/guardians picking up or dropping off children.
  • Please keep your child's stay in Childwatch to a 2 hour limit
  • All parents are required to sign there children in with the staff and inform the staff where in the facility you will be incase of emergency

Child Watch staff may have to change diapers during your childs stay, please provide a diaper bag if your child is in diapers

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